Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

St.Agnes Parish Council is committed to complying with the Data Protection Act 1998 to ensure that user privacy is respected.

Any information you supply to St.Agnes Parish Council via feedback forms, interactive polls or questionnaires on the Website, so long as it is not in breach of St.Agnes Parish Council’s Terms of Use for the website, will only be used for the purpose for which you provided it. Personal information will help St.Agnes Parish Council to be more aware of your interests and needs and may be interpreted as statistical data used to help improve or shape St.Agnes Parish Council’s services in the future.

Should St.Agnes Parish Council wish to use your information other than as statistical data or for any other purpose or publication, it will ask for your permission first.


St.Agnes Parish Council may use cookies for some functional aspect of the website. Cookies stored on computers belonging to online users are only used for the purpose of recognising data to enable those functions to work. No other data is collected or stored for any other purpose.

Replies To Email

Council Staff will answer e-mails requesting replies as soon as possible, aiming to provide a reply within 21 days. This is to allow for the locating of any specific information that may be required, particularly when researching historical or complex material.


Any members of staff processing personal details are made aware of their obligations of the Policy and the Data Protection Act 1998.

It should be noted that any information supplied to St.Agnes Parish Council via the website will not be sent using a secure transmission method. Users should be aware that it is possible that such information could be lost or intercepted, accidentally or otherwise. Users send personal information at their own risk.

Offensive Material

Any material submitted to the St.Agnes Parish Council via the website which is considered as directly offensive and inappropriate will be in breach of the Terms of Use of the Website. In such a case, St.Agnes Parish Council may disclose the material and your personal details to the Police. To discourage further breaches of the Terms of Use, St.Agnes Parish Council reserves the right to take action against you.