This Planning application will be considered at this evening’s Planning Committee meeting. The Parish Council is one of a number of consultees in the planning process – unfortunately, we are not the decision makers. Parish Councillors form their opinions based on material planning considerations, referencing policies contained in the Cornwall Local Plan and the St Agnes Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).

Members of the public may attend and speak for a maximum of 3 minutes per person.

Given the number of people who wish to come along tonight, we are advising the following (in view of the small space and in the interests of everyone’s health):

  • Everyone attending the meeting should be prepared to wait outside and expect to only be let into the meeting room during their Public Participation item, and then again, during the discussion around the Planning Application in which they are interested. Please be advised that face coverings are insisted upon (except when speaking) and we politely request you use the hand gel provided. You will be called into the room, as appropriate. Spokespersons should have been nominated and no points are to be repeated please. Speaking time is 2-3 minutes per person. Making your comments on the online planning portal in writing is the most effective way of making voices heard directly to the decision-maker (Planning Authority – Cornwall Council).

Thankfully, the weather forecast is quite good for 7-8pm tonight. No rain, no wind, and a “feels like” temperature of 16.  This is very good news as we are able to keep people outside in relative comfort.

All windows and the door will be kept wide open.

Unfortunately, this is the best we can do in this situation with such limited time. This system is favourable to hiring a new venue because, as well as it being very late notice, we are uneasy about having large volumes of people in one room at one time (some of whom will be vulnerable). We are also prohibited in law to change the meeting details once the agenda has been published.

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience in these extraordinary circumstances.