St Agnes Parish Council has now completed the final version of its Community Emergency Plan. The Plan was ratified at the meeting of the Full Council on 5th June 2023 and details in full how parish authorities shall respond to hazards which threaten damage to human welfare, to the environment or to security. The plan, authored by Cllr Graham Brown and coordinated by Cllr Jinny Clark, details matters such as the despatch of volunteers, recording of information, coordinating transport, use of community spaces as reception centres and liaising with emergency services and other partners. The Council wish to thank Cornwall Council for their assistance with developing the plan, and thank the management committees of the various community spaces that have agreed to be used as reception centres; some 11 buildings spread across the parish. The potential hazards to communities are numerous, though flood risk remains perhaps the most likely situation in which the Plan will need to be employed. The full document can be seen here.

The public are reminded that in every incident, EMERGENCIES must be reported to the relevant Emergency Service on 999.