Our Accessibility Goals

This website is run by Saint Agnes Parish Council. We want as many people as possible to be able to use this website. We aim to use plain language and avoid unnecessary jargon and acronyms on this website. However, there may be pages or documents, such as planning documents or council reports, where complex or technical language is often necessary and used. 

If you need information on this website in a different format like an accessible PDF, large print, audio recording or braille we’ll consider your request and get back to you in 7 days. 

Tell Us What You Think

We’re always looking to improve the accessibility of this website. If you find problems not listed on this page or think we’re not meeting accessibility requirements, contact us at or call 01872 553 801.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is responsible for enforcing the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018 (the ‘accessibility regulations’). If you’re not happy with how we respond to your complaint, contact the Equality Advisory and Support Service (EASS).


The site has been tested in the following browsers:

  • IE8 (basic) and above
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Android
  • IOS

Making your computer work for you

There are many ways you can change your browser, computer, keyboard and mouse settings to make the web more accessible for you. The AbilityNet my computer my way guide [] has helpful advice on customising your computer. 


Some Documents on this website are available in PDF format. You need to have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view these documents. The reader is free to download from the Adobe Reader download page []. Adobe provides advice on accessibility [] for those who have difficulty viewing documents in PDF format. 

Compliance Status

This website is partially compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1 AA standard, due to the non-compliances listed below…

Certain web-elements such as footers and headers aren’t appropriately tagged in certain webpages and PDF content, this fails WCAG 2.1 (A) success criterion 1.3.1. We plan to resolve this with simple alterations to the backend in the near future for the web pages, however the PDFs will be resolved in a much larger piece of transformation work which will be conducted before August 2020.

Any new PDFs or Word documents we publish will meet accessibility standards.

Although content is operable via a keyboard, there is a lack of visual feedback for which element is in focus. This partially fails WCAG 2.1 (A) success criterion 2.1.1. We plan to resolve this by having both a colour change and underlining the focused element. This functionality is achievable via third party software, however we’d rather have it inherent within the site by August 2020. 

In addition to the above, header and footer content isn’t skippable within the site. This requires a change to how the backend tags header and footer content. This means we should resolve both success criterion 1.3.1 above and WCAG 2.1 (A) 2.4.1 in the same patch. 

Finally there’s a partial non conformance to WCAG 2.1 (AA) 1.4.3 due to a lack of well contrasted colours in the foreground and background. Although not significant, we plan to change this by August 2020 without going against the consistent colour scheme of the website. 

This website was last tested on the 16th of December 2019. We tested all pages on our website, and a range of PDFs available at,, and

This statement was prepared on the 2nd of January 2020.